Good Design can save many things

Just read an article about the epic fail during the Miss Universe results! This one claims that this situation was a result of bad design of the card, which was handed over to Steve Harvey. The author goes ahead and suggests a design revamp to avoid such fails in future!!

I was curious about this, and googled for this topic. I could see many designers coming up with multiple design solutions for this issue (?).

Here are some of them which I could see, please post your comments!!

First the TV grab of the card Steve was handed over:


Here are some possible re-designs by some designers:

This one is by Marco Leong:



This one by Nate Swanner:MissUniverseCardTNW-520x264

This one is by John Havel:missuniverse03


..and another one by John Havel:


I can see that application of basic visual design being absent, can certainly lead to miscommunication. However, it is also important to know your audience. In this case the user (the anchor) is a well educated person. He/She has the ability to handle the excitement of the pageant, and not get overwhelmed by the series of events. Having said this, the document should not leave ANY scope of ambiguity for the user.

There was an interesting argument about the envelope, which might have complicated the matter for the reader. The word ‘Philippines’ was at the bottom, which MAY have gone unnoticed! The anchor would have stopped pulling the card at the point where he saw the ‘Miss Universe’ written at the bottom.

One more argument about placement of the word ‘Philippines’ which may have got covered with the thumb of the person holding the card…!

There could be many arguments..! Please write them here!!

PS: After pondering over for some days, I designed one. Have a look:



2 thoughts on “Good Design can save many things”

    1. No. Because it will compromise on the font size of the corresponding text. Emphasis is a tricky thing. For ex.: If you want one word to be emphasised in a sentence, bold variant is sufficient. Adding underline, changing colour, making it italic and also using a bold variant will certainly ‘over’ emphasise it!

      In this case, the object is to be read by a person by holding it in a hand, therefore too many visual clues can create a chaos.

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