‘Blender 3D’ at work

Lot of people ask me, “What can be done if I learn Blender 3D?”. Well, there are unlimited possibilities, and I will try to showcase some of them here. But to start with, I am going to share some of the work, which my team at IIT Bombay has done over a period of time. Visit this site to see the completed Blender models, available for FREE download!!

We started using Blender exclusively for creating eLearning content. In short, we wanted to create atoms and molecules instead of Tom and Jerry!! It was a uphill task, because that was the time when very few Blender tutorials were available, and almost none available for objects like vernier caliper, or a volt meter. We learnt our own way, and managed to create a repository of over 120 models from Chemistry and Physics domains. Given below are the links for the same! Have a look and post your feedback!

I would like to mention that these models are NOT my creations. These are created by a team of animators at IITBombay: Nitin Ayer, Sneha Sanglikar, Yashodeep Matange, Bhairav Lahotkar, Pooja Bhawar, Pankaja Date, and others. Unfortunately, the current version of the site, doesn’t show the credits. That’s the reason, I would like to acknowledge each one of them for their contribution.

Sameer Sahasrabudhe

Research Scientist, IIT Bombay



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