A new beginning!


The second run for SKANI101x has begun, and the response is overwhelming! This is the second time that I am offering this course in a span of six months, and the registration has shot up to 4000+ already. We still have a week for registering, and I see many more to join in!

The response could be felt, as the participants, started accessing the courseware at 12 noon (the time the course was online!) and we have also received assignments!! Keep it up guys..!

It is also time for my awesome team of experts and moderators to join the action. They are: Chirag Raman, Medha Srivastav, Roma Dave and Yashodeep Matange who will pprovide online help to the participants!


So, all those who want to join in…please register on: http://www.iitbombayx.in, and enroll for the course: Basic 3D animation using Blender. Forward this information to those who are aspiring animators!



A night out with a happy ending!!!

image image

Had a paper deadline, and ended up having a night out at the ET Lab of IITBombay!!! Finally paper uploaded, and we head straight to the Maddu mess! (Partners in crime: Rwitajit and Yogi The Great).

All the fatigue nullifies when you see hot idlis, vadai, and the famous egg dosai!!!

Sumptuous meal followed by a extra kadak chai, makes me energetic to go home and set off for a guest lecture at NM College!!!

Early experiments with Blender 3D

It was in the year 2009 that Mrs. Vijayalakshmi (Project Manager, KReSIT, IITBombay) introduced some students from DJSCOE, Mumbai. They wanted to a project in animation. I wanted to check if they were serious, therefore, I asked them to explore Blender (Free 3D animation tool) and meet me after a week.

I was pleasantly surprised to see them back, and with some promising work. They were Karan, Gokul and Priyam. I was also surprised by two more sophomores who joined them in this mission(!!), Chirag and Nitin! We decided to go ahead, and picked up a relatively easy (only later that we realized, that it was quite complex!!) topic of ammonia fountain experiment.

We had a working script, and the shots were divided accordingly. One day a week (I think it was a Thursday), the students used to come to IIT Bombay, and spend time in creating the models, and animating them. My team member, Bhairav used to be there for some of the issues. Together we came up with a video of this experiment (see the video below). The task involved numerous hours of rendering (which was pretty slow), which we had to distribute the frames on multiple computers through out the night!! These students would invariably having a night out on the campus, and we explored all the late night food joints that time!! One of the most memorable is the Aamras in Hostel 2, which we had at midnight!!

Finally the rendering was done, and we completed the edited video of the experiment. Although it looks quite rudimentary now, it was our first step towards successful application of Blender in creating educational content!!! Have a look: