Basic 3D animation course: Once more!!!

Dear all, Owing to a persistent public demand for a 'once more' for the course: 'Basic 3D animation using Blender', we are happy to announce the start of the course once again!!! Please register on TODAY, and you will receive the information about the starting of the course soon!!! This time the course is... Continue Reading →

The ‘Blender’ers of Borawan: 1

Disclaimer: This is in continuation to my earlier blogpost: The 'Punch-Kanyas'. Read that post, in order to enjoy this one!!! After the ceremonial welcome, I was surrounded by the students, and all of them were busy in getting a selfie with their 'online' teacher, who was available in person. At 3:30, the day scholars left... Continue Reading →

The ‘Panch-Kanyas’

Recently, I visited JIT Borawan, in a small town Khargone, Madhya Pradesh. The reason was quite interesting..! In the recently completed course on 3D animation, I was surprised to see 60+ participants from a single place called Borawan. It took me some time to find it out on the map, but was pleasantly surprised to... Continue Reading →

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