The ‘Blender’ers of Borawan: 1


This is in continuation to my earlier blogpost: The ‘Punch-Kanyas’. Read that post, in order to enjoy this one!!!


After the ceremonial welcome, I was surrounded by the students, and all of them were busy in getting a selfie with their ‘online’ teacher, who was available in person. At 3:30, the day scholars left the campus in the buses, and the hostelities were excited to have me on campus! We headed for a chai in the college canteen, where I had planned informal (but structured) interviews with the participants (and also the non-participants).

The group was mixed, and through the discussion, I was getting some interesting insights. Many had requested help from their hostel mates, and they got the required help! However, they did mention, that, they had a lot of apprehension to ask the doubts on the interaction platforms like: discussion forum or the LIVE A View sessions, which I conducted every week. They mentioned, that most of them were nervous with the mere thought of facing the camera and asking the query.  Speaking in English was also one of the concerns for many of them.


I wrapped up the interviews, and headed straight to the picturesque Maheshwar! I reached on the banks of Narmada, to witness a rock solid ghat (staircase near the bank of a river). Amazing evening light added to the beauty. I took out my tools, and made a quick watercolour sketch of this place. Later we enjoyed a nice boat trip, after artificial lighting created dramatic ambiance.

I came back to the guest house, after a sumptuous dinner, and was surprised to know that few boys were up for the remaining interviews! They came over to the guesthouse, and I had a chat with each one of them.

I also visited their lab for an emergency online transaction (at 1:30 AM), came back and hit the bed at 2AM…remembering the roller-coaster day I experienced!!!
















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