The Phoenix! (Part 1)

Last few months, where I have been teaching this online 3D animation course, has also been a learning experience for me! I have met many young (not that I am old!!), minds, having passion, and aspiration to do something!

Many of these engineering graduate students have found their goals, however, there are few who aren’t sure of ‘what next?’. In fact, there are many of them, who feel, they cannot answer this question, ‘what next?’. It is because, they were not given a chance to choose their path!! Many admit that ‘engineering’ was NOT their choice as a career, but a compulsive plan forced on them by their parents/relatives, to which they have fallen prey! This is a suffocating situation for them, since academic pressure is increasing every passing day, and they just don’t feel that they ‘belong’ here!! I met few of them during this course. This series is a reflection of these interactions!!

RomeyRomey, wrote a mail on my personal ID. ‘Want to talk to you, I am in a dilemma’, was the subject line. Curious about it, I read the entire mail. Romey was in his first year on Computer Science Engineering, in a good college. However, towards the end of his first semester, he realised that his passion DOES NOT lie in Computer Science! After he completed the 3D animation course, he realised his passion lies in graphics, animation, gaming and visualization!! Therefore, he wrote to me, with a request to allow him in changing his course to BSc Computers. He was clear that by changing over, he will still have CS education, minus the pressure, and he can freely explore 3D animation!

I called him the same night and had a chat with him. I suggested him to wait and watch till the first semester results were out, and then take a call. Also, since I didn’t want him to be a empty mind, I suggested him to work as a ‘beta tester’ for my subsequent course offering.

He started off nicely, and soon, I was getting his mails about the errors in the quizzes, we were going to release, or interesting reviews about some of the submissions by the participants in the course! His results too came in, and as expected he flunked a (theory) subject and was borderline for couple others. However, he scored a ‘A’ in the practicals! I got in touch with his teachers at the college, and they were quite cooperative! During the call, she mentioned that after he started as a ‘Beta tester’, his confidence level was on the rise! He was enjoying it, and was quite proud of that fact! I told her to make him interact with someone, who understood the theory subject well, and she happily agreed.

Romey did well as a Beta tester in the course, and we sent him a letter of appreciation! The college took appropriate cognizance of this, and allowed him to free his wings further.

Last week I was happy to hear, that Romey was nominated to give a talk on Blender 3D at an intercollegiate symposium in the city!! and today I am told that he cleared his backlog from the last semester!!

It is quite an experience to see this type of positive change in a person, even if you have met him only virtually!! All the best Romey, you are a star!







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