आजी! (Grandmother) Part 2

My grandmother had her education only up to high school, probably. I am not sure, because, she often mentioned how it used to be English 1st (इंग्रजी पहिली) after Marathi 4th (मराठी चौथी)! Another important deterrent was the availability of the school in the vicinity. Her childhood in Konkan was full of hardships! The school was far away, and they were 6 siblings in all, in fact 7 (however, one of them passed away in early age, after a long bedridden suffering). In spite of this, her memory was fresh, when it came to the Marathi poems!

When ever I heard her sing those, we could make out the reason. First and the foremost was the authoritative poets, who used  the lyrical flow of the Marathi language (गेयता). In addition to that it was the simple and sweet melody, which made her remember it even after 70 years! One such poem is available with me, which I recorded on a late night session with my siblings and cousins enjoying her company!

Being the second eldest GIRL in the house, she became de facto care taker of her siblings, after her mother passed away and the elder sister got married. Father remarried, considering the young ones at home, however her new mother was mostly ill, which added more work! Apart from other siblings, she gave special attention to her bed ridden brother. He used to cry in her lap and murmured, ‘Mai (my grandmothers household name), You are my real mother’! she recalled with wet eyes!

Her father had a job to collect taxes, and therefore, used to return back home with bags of coins. She used to enjoy the task of counting and sorting them. This habit of hers could be seen in the latter years, where she never needed anything else to calculate transactions of odd amounts!

Her school days started early, in order to make breakfast (pan cakes (धिरडी)/rice soup (भाताची पेज) for all. A long walk through the Konkani roads and a small boat journey! Some groundnuts with jaggery for the lunch time, and the same long travel back home, to face the kitchen in order to feed ALL. It just shivers me as I write this, when I visualize any girk of the age of Savani (13-14 years) doing this!


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My online interview on www.learnbywatch.com

Learn By Watch, is a platform conceived by Dr. Yogendra Pal, which propagates online education through Hindi. This is gaining excellent foothold, as the creator, Dr. Yogendra, has been constantly experimenting with the proven guidelines in this domain, with the appropriate modifications to suit the context. His research in this area is being applauded worldwide, and stalwart like Mark Guzdial has written about his findings.

During his last visit at IITB, Dr. Yogendra expressed his desire to start an online talk series about Free Educational Projects in India. Subsequently, we had an online chat, which he has beautifully converted to a video interview.

The video nicely captures my views about this course, how students can get advantage from this course, my experience of making this course and how colleges and institutes can run this course in their institutes. I hope this interview will be beneficial for students who want to learn animation, teachers who are planning to run a course online and college/institutes who want to teach animation to their students.


Last 3 days to register

Course_Discuss.pngThe Blender course has received  fantastic response so far, and around 2500 participants have registered to the course. Since this was a self pace mode, the participants have been able to follow their schedules and timings! To share some more data, 290 have already cleared the course, and more participants are on the way to clear it!!. This is in tune with the global passing percentage of 9-11% of the total registration. However, we expect a raise in the passing percentage by September 30th (closing date of the course), since there are institutions where many students have enrolled for the course, and are going to attempt the quizzes after 15th.

I have come to know that there are 10th standard students, working professionals, students from varied streams (eg: engineering, science, commerce, arts, fine arts, architecture and many more), housewives, pair/group of friends, siblings, and even couples who have registered!!!

We have been flooded with assignment submissions, and moreover many are top of the class!! Kudos to the efforts of the participants, who are adding value to the entire course through their sincere efforts. The attached screenshot shows the interaction on the course discussion forum, and the  quality of the submissions. Further, there are requests coming up from various organizations (academic institutions as well as professional companies) who want to offer internships to the deserving students..! In short we are experiencing an exciting phase, in this course, regarding the skill based education in India, for animation.

I will be sharing more such experiences in the forthcoming posts..but this post is for an important announcement: Registration for the Basic 3D animation using Blender course is ENDING on 15th September, and the course will end on 30th September. Which means that anyone who wants to register for the course has just 3 days left!!!! Therefore, hurry up and visit: www.iitbombayx.in to register first, and later enroll to the course.

Please write a mail to skaniblender@gmail.com in case of a query. We would be happy to help!








Ganapati 2016

image.jpegWe were not able to find time to make an idol at home, but we’re missing the excitement, that’s when a classmate came to rescue.

Ashwini Pendse, who paints hundreds of idols every year, agreed to give an uncoloured idol. Getting it from Dombivli was finally done by Sachin, and we started off the mission.

This year I tried to document and publish the decoration process in the for of a reset for the first time!!! It was exciting, because we were releasing parts of the preparation at a time!!!

Kaumudi (my literal better half)  led the bunch by starting the painting and later ALL of us chipped in. Aai tried her hand with painting and so did I. Savani (daughter) created paper lotus seat for the idol and Dada took the responsibility of the electrification!! Shrikant (younger brother) and family joined and the kids painted the mango leaves at the back and assisting in keeping the festive mood on (cut-paste, unending rounds of tea-coffee and munch more).

Immensely enjoyed this FAMILY workout and hope the kids find it worth remembering, just like we have fond memories of our childhood!!!