Twin mothers (Part 3)

My mother has two elder sisters and a brother. Many called them the 'Mangeshkars', citing the similarities of music and the four sisters + a brother combination! All of them are connected with music in some way or the other. The most exciting experience is to see them meet each other and get immersed in the... Continue Reading →

Twin mothers (Part 2)

Mukta Maushi and my Aai, being twins had a lot of similarities, they still have, especially for the music! On their 60th birthday, I wanted to surprise them with something unique. I thought of many things which would be useful to them, and make their life happy. However, I was not convinced with the options!... Continue Reading →

New course coming up!

We plan to focus further on the skill development courses. A new course coming up is about 3D visualization for architecture. Blender is increasingly used in this domain, and we would like to empower aspiring professionals through this short course.   Course content preparation is in full swing, and we would like to share the... Continue Reading →

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