New course: New beginning

After a long gap, I have an announcement to make for a brand NEW course. I was toying around the idea of application of Blender in various domains. One such domain, which has remarkable application is: 3D architectural visualization.

One fine day, I got an eMail from an unknown person about my SKANI101x (Basic 3D animation) course. Like, many such mails, I replied in a standard fashion, and asked the sender to join the course, which was going on (at that time). She wrote back a nice review of the course, and mentioned that although she was using Blender for 5-7 years now, she hadn’t come across this type of training material in India. Since she mentioned her experience, I was curious to know her domain of work and see her portfolio. It turned out that she was Architect Kavita Narvekar, who has been using Blender for creating 3D architectural visualizations all these years!

Prof. Phatak met her, and thus was the birth of a short term course on this interesting topic! We plan to get the students to utilize the power of Blender, in order to create photo-realistic 3D visualizations. Join this free online course, and experience this wonderful tool!

New course: New beginning


Announcing the latest course..! SKARC101x, on IITBombayX.

This is the second course in the skill development series. This course will provide livelihood opportunity to the aspiring individuals who are creative and curious learners. Looking forward for an interesting experience.

Thanks to Kavita Narvekar (Beehive 3D works) and Kaumudi Sahasrabudhe for the immense help! Not to forget the back-end teams at IITbombayX (Studio, Content, Systems, and Development) which has made this course possible! More details coming soon!

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Meeting the Mother!

Few years back, I was baby sitting Savani, as Kaumudi stayed back in Nagpur. She had to look after her father who underwent a bypass surgery. I really enjoyed those 7 days with Savani (don’t know about her !!) Those can be separate 7 posts…describing each day in detail…but that would be for later…first the moment which was worth a million…


This snap I took with utmost care and planning…

I had told Savani, that Kaumudi is returning on the 11th (but infact Kaumudi was coming on the 10th) so she wasn’t expecting Kaumudi. Savani went to her friend’s house (in our building) just when Kaumudi was supposed to come. After Kaumudi was home, she went to have a shower, and in came Savani…without paying any attention to the baggage in the bedroom, or the sandals near the door…she rushed to the kitchen when she saw the Shrikhand.

I made a plan and asked Kaumudi to wait till I got my camera, and kept Savani busy with the Shrikhand..! and then the moment came…when Kaumudi tapped her from behind and whispered lightly,”Savani, …” and she turned her head in a jiffy…with expressions which cannot be explained in words…you need to see it…

savani_closeThis has a crazy combination of happiness, and sorrow (for the days she was away), slight anguish (for cheating her), and I don’t know which else…

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Power of crowd sourcing

A month back, I got a call from Prof. Phatak’s office, that he wants to see me urgently!! It was 8:30 PM, and not very unusual. What was unusual, was the reason, he had summoned me for. Ministry of Culture, Govt of India, wanted us to develop a webportal about eminent personalities of India. The first task assigned was, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel.

Huge amount of data was on the way from New Delhi, which was accumulated from the National Archives, numerous libraries, and many other locations. The overwhelming size of the data was one of the biggest challenge, which a big team (under the guidance of Prof. Sunthar) was working tirelessly.

During, one of the brainstorming sessions, I mentioned to Prof. Phatak, that can we have a thematic animation as an introduction of this site, and this would be about the mammoth task of Sardar, to unite India! He nodded his head in affirmation, and asked me the question, “How do you want to show it?”. I showed a video clip (a popular forward, some months ago) which shows an elephant wire structure from one side, and two giraffes when seen from the other. I said, “We can show various maps (cut out in metallic plates) of the princely states in the front, and when we turn, the thickness of these maps, will create Sardar’s face!”. And he immediately liked it!

But the main challenge was to get it in to reality! I decided to request the participants of SKANI101x, to help me in this hour of challenge, and they came in large numbers! I received response from over 25 participants, from various parts of the country, who were ready to burn their midnight oil, and help us. We started off with the biggest challenge: getting the map outlines..! Finally, my design team, came up to the rescue. Sandeep, Bhairav, along with Siddhesh, and another Sandip started to create the map outlines in a PNG format.

I created a shareable folder, where I had uploaded the 150+ map outlines. Participants were supposed to download one at a time, enter the name of the file they have downloaded. Create a 3D model using Blender, (matching the technical specifications given), and upload the image render + the 3D mesh file. An IITB student (Prashant), coordinated this complex task! And within flat 4 days, we were done with the models.

The second stage was to apply the texture, carefully to the 3D maps (UV mapping). A subset of participants were ready for this. Prof. Anand, (another participant from Chennai), took time out of his teaching and other college duties, to coordinate this stage along with Prashant! Prof. Anand, even created a small tutorial to help those, who were NOT well versed with the UV mapping process. allinone

Together, they managed to deliver the final set of 3D models in time. The animator, was Kavita, who then got in to action of animating these 150+ models. In fact, she had to make them look like 500+ objects. After multiple iterations, she got the animation in the right format, as we required! I did the final compositing, and rendering to get it in to the shape, which was then delivered to the web development team. Although I have managed to write about this phase in 3 lines, it actually took 3 weeks, and many, many iterations in terms of speed, dimensions, file size, or compression!

Today, I am happy to report, that the website:, was inaugurated by Hon. Prime Minister, Shri. Narendra Modi. The introduction animation plays immediately, when you launch the website. Have a look and give your suggestions!