Meeting the Mother!

Few years back, I was baby sitting Savani, as Kaumudi stayed back in Nagpur. She had to look after her father who underwent a bypass surgery. I really enjoyed those 7 days with Savani (don’t know about her !!) Those can be separate 7 posts…describing each day in detail…but that would be for later…first the moment which was worth a million…


This snap I took with utmost care and planning…

I had told Savani, that Kaumudi is returning on the 11th (but infact Kaumudi was coming on the 10th) so she wasn’t expecting Kaumudi. Savani went to her friend’s house (in our building) just when Kaumudi was supposed to come. After Kaumudi was home, she went to have a shower, and in came Savani…without paying any attention to the baggage in the bedroom, or the sandals near the door…she rushed to the kitchen when she saw the Shrikhand.

I made a plan and asked Kaumudi to wait till I got my camera, and kept Savani busy with the Shrikhand..! and then the moment came…when Kaumudi tapped her from behind and whispered lightly,”Savani, …” and she turned her head in a jiffy…with expressions which cannot be explained in words…you need to see it…

savani_closeThis has a crazy combination of happiness, and sorrow (for the days she was away), slight anguish (for cheating her), and I don’t know which else…

Try and add up if you can, in the comments below!

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