New course: New beginning

After a long gap, I have an announcement to make for a brand NEW course. I was toying around the idea of application of Blender in various domains. One such domain, which has remarkable application is: 3D architectural visualization.

One fine day, I got an eMail from an unknown person about my SKANI101x (Basic 3D animation) course. Like, many such mails, I replied in a standard fashion, and asked the sender to join the course, which was going on (at that time). She wrote back a nice review of the course, and mentioned that although she was using Blender for 5-7 years now, she hadn’t come across this type of training material in India. Since she mentioned her experience, I was curious to know her domain of work and see her portfolio. It turned out that she was Architect Kavita Narvekar, who has been using Blender for creating 3D architectural visualizations all these years!

Prof. Phatak met her, and thus was the birth of a short term course on this interesting topic! We plan to get the students to utilize the power of Blender, in order to create photo-realistic 3D visualizations. Join this free online course, and experience this wonderful tool!

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  1. hello sir, I am Priya, SBM wireless communication engineer. I am working in a engg college as AP. Shall I use this blender tool to create technical animation in communication area. If not, please suggest some tool for the same. Thanks in advance.


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