Basic animation course in SELF PACE MODE…starting next week


Here is a short (20 mins) video explaining the features and the details of the Self Pace course: Basic 3D animation using Blender. Lot of people kept asking me about this, therefore, I recorded one during an interactive session last week. Here is the video of the same:

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SELF PACE COURSE:::Registration open till Feb 28th 2017


Announcing the animation skill development MOOC: Basic 3D animation using Blender, in a self pace mode!!! This permits ANY-TIME entry in the course (up to 28th Feb 2017), as well as watching the content and attempting the quizzes at your convenience!!!

It is a 8 week basic course, with an emphasis on hands on activities. There are exciting assignments, and a mini-project in the end to create a small animation clip of your own!! Ideal as an elective lab course for colleges and institutions. Watch out for the advanced course coming up in July 2017 (for which the pre-requisite is the basic course!!)

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Download the poster here: SKANI101xS_SelfPaceCourse_Poster


Kaumudi’s 2D animation in Blender 02

In my earlier post, I mentioned about Kaumudi‘s new exploration of 2D animation using Blender. This tool is in it’s nascent stage, however, it looks promising! Kaumudi is thoroughly enjoying the experimentation with this tool: Grease Pencil.

As mentioned, the website: is committed to share knowledge of Indian languages! And to add some cultural flavor to the website, they took a call to have an animated doodle for every important festival every month!! Since it all started during the time of the year end, Kaumudi chose the theme of Christmas!

Come January, and she has put up a brand new doodle up on the website..the theme is Sankranti: Have a look!


Encore!!! Animation course once again

It is encore time!!

Basic 3D animation using Blender‘, this course has been offered thrice already, however the requests just keep pouring! Till date, over 10000 participants have enrolled for this course, and over 2500 have completed it!!

I started off with a mission to make the animation education accessible to all! Animation is an art which requires a TOOL, to present the creations. Lots and lots of companies, institutes, and even individuals have taken undue benefit of this aspect, by making animation education UNNECESSARILY inaccessible, in multiple ways. Either, it would be so costly that few can afford it, it would have a capping of numbers so low, that many can’t get in, or the practice and performance tools would be prices so high that many would choose to pirate them instead of buying! In my opinion, all these add up to a scene, where knowledge sharing is almost negligible!

I found IITBombayX platform, excellent alternative to address this hyper discrepancy! Together with Kaumudi, we used the knowledge we had gathered over the years and selected Blender, the free and open source tool, as a medium of expression. The result was the course: SKANI101X: Basic 3D animation using Blender!

We are getting to the objectives quite fast than we imagined! We have been able to create communities of Blender in many parts of the country! Participants from more than 900 towns are now aware of Blender. That is a huge number and a good indicator of penetration, if you leave the 33 state capitals and may be three times of those as prominent towns in each state would add up to 150+ maximum! We have had instances of Blender enthusiasts from small towns where participants don’t even own a computer!! In fact my beta tester in another Blender course which recently ended, did her beta testing from an internet cafe!! There are organizations coming forward to recruit our participants!! Our motivation at IITBombayX is to leverage the technology to reach out to the masses, and live up to this principle: Knowledge should always be free!

I invite you to share this information to your near and dear, who would like to open up their ‘visualization’ skills by taking this FREE course.! Please download the poster and send it out to the ones who can benefit!




Kaumudi’s 2D animation in Blender 01

Kaumudi has been in an hibernation mode (about animation) since long! She was creating illustrations these years, but was not in to animation, which is her first love (in fact, prior to me, she was already in love with it!). The books that she illustrated have been used widely in schools, and kids (and their teachers/parents) compliment her always, when they know that she is the illustrator of these books! Those who know her well, know that she would be the last one to even talk about her creations, (and I would be the first!, sometimes even before I do it!!!, but that is another blog all together!) In fact many don’t even know the books she has been illustrating all these years: these were: Computer Masti. It is a series of 8 books, written and edited by a team at IIT Bombay. Each book has 100+ illustrations. The books are FREE for download from here, and you all would be happy to know that the books are used by hundreds of schools, and have been translated in more that 6 languages!!! But I digress from the topic I started!

Recently, Kaumudi is working for a website:, which is a portal for learning languages. She has been creating images for this website, and they are too may..! just too many!!! because you need A image for EVERY word to be shown! So, from December 2016, the website team decided to give a fresh look to it, by adding a intro animation clip, which represents the mood of the month!! Kaumudi was commissioned for this, and she was supposed to create a small animated clip every month! Elated by this, Kaumudi picked up Santa Claus as the first theme and created a small clip. Please have a look by clicking here.


The animation is unique, because it is created using open source animation tool: Blender. Well, Blender is known to be a 3D animation tool, but not any more!! Grease Pencil is a project associated with Blender, which enables 2D animation too!!! Yes, the classical 2D animation is possible. Kaumudi has been after it for few months currently, and she could pull this off!!

The characters in the animation show a clear Kaumudi trademark!! Actually, Kaumudi is NOT very happy with the animation, however, she is committed to make the next ones better than this, but exploring the features of Grease Pencil in detail!

Join me in wishing her luck, so that we get to see more such animations!! Coming soon, an animation for the month of January!!! Keep visiting the website!!

PS: The website is excellent resource for those who want to learn/teach languages and is totally FREE. Please use it and give your feedback.