Encore!!! Animation course once again

It is encore time!!

Basic 3D animation using Blender‘, this course has been offered thrice already, however the requests just keep pouring! Till date, over 10000 participants have enrolled for this course, and over 2500 have completed it!!

I started off with a mission to make the animation education accessible to all! Animation is an art which requires a TOOL, to present the creations. Lots and lots of companies, institutes, and even individuals have taken undue benefit of this aspect, by making animation education UNNECESSARILY inaccessible, in multiple ways. Either, it would be so costly that few can afford it, it would have a capping of numbers so low, that many can’t get in, or the practice and performance tools would be prices so high that many would choose to pirate them instead of buying! In my opinion, all these add up to a scene, where knowledge sharing is almost negligible!

I found IITBombayX platform, excellent alternative to address this hyper discrepancy! Together with Kaumudi, we used the knowledge we had gathered over the years and selected Blender, the free and open source tool, as a medium of expression. The result was the course: SKANI101X: Basic 3D animation using Blender!

We are getting to the objectives quite fast than we imagined! We have been able to create communities of Blender in many parts of the country! Participants from more than 900 towns are now aware of Blender. That is a huge number and a good indicator of penetration, if you leave the 33 state capitals and may be three times of those as prominent towns in each state would add up to 150+ maximum! We have had instances of Blender enthusiasts from small towns where participants don’t even own a computer!! In fact my beta tester in another Blender course which recently ended, did her beta testing from an internet cafe!! There are organizations coming forward to recruit our participants!! Our motivation at IITBombayX is to leverage the technology to reach out to the masses, and live up to this principle: Knowledge should always be free!

I invite you to share this information to your near and dear, who would like to open up their ‘visualization’ skills by taking this FREE course.! Please download the poster and send it out to the ones who can benefit!





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