Basic animation course in SELF PACE MODE…starting next week


Here is a short (20 mins) video explaining the features and the details of the Self Pace course: Basic 3D animation using Blender. Lot of people kept asking me about this, therefore, I recorded one during an interactive session last week. Here is the video of the same:

Visit to register!
SELF PACE COURSE:::Registration open till Feb 28th 2017


Announcing the animation skill development MOOC: Basic 3D animation using Blender, in a self pace mode!!! This permits ANY-TIME entry in the course (up to 28th Feb 2017), as well as watching the content and attempting the quizzes at your convenience!!!

It is a 8 week basic course, with an emphasis on hands on activities. There are exciting assignments, and a mini-project in the end to create a small animation clip of your own!! Ideal as an elective lab course for colleges and institutions. Watch out for the advanced course coming up in July 2017 (for which the pre-requisite is the basic course!!)

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Download the poster here: SKANI101xS_SelfPaceCourse_Poster


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