Sigh of relief…and the feel of responsibility

21st February, 2017, marks the official end of the course 3D Architectural Visualization. Although, the instruction and the assessment ended on January 26th, the certificates were generated today! In a nutshell, this was a small experiment of a 'livelihood' course, to spread knowledge and skill sets to create new opportunities! Only time will be able... Continue Reading →

Meeting MOOC student

Our team (Kaumudi, Kavita Narvekar and I) was invited at GNUnify 2017, a conference organised by Pune Linux Users Group (PLUG) for open source enthusiasts, to speak about Blender. We started off with an overview, and I asked the audience, if ant one had attended the SKANI101x course. A hand went up, who was Atul... Continue Reading →

Keynote at ICRACSET Aurangabad

Quite happy to be presenting at ICRACSET 2017 at Aurangabad, a conference organised by MGM group of institutions. I would be speaking about Human Computer Interaction, however I am requested to talk about the 3D animation course, later in the conference! Looking forward to meet up the participants of past courses (SKANI101x and SKARC101x) at... Continue Reading →

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