Meeting MOOC student

GNUnify.jpgOur team (Kaumudi, Kavita Narvekar and I) was invited at GNUnify 2017, a conference organised by Pune Linux Users Group (PLUG) for open source enthusiasts, to speak about Blender. We started off with an overview, and I asked the audience, if ant one had attended the SKANI101x course. A hand went up, who was Atul Tiwari. He is a student of SICSR and had completed the course during last semester.


Out of curiosity, I asked him, what was his experience of the course, and he said, it has changed his life! When I asked him in detail: he got up with a pendrive in hand, and said, “After I learnt the basics, I started exploring Blender in detail. I mastered the modeling stage, and started auctioning my Blender models online. Here are some of the models, I have auctioned successfully! Now I get enough to support my pocket money, and I don’t have to ask my parents for it”.

I projected the images, and they were quite impressive. They have to be, since someone was paying to buy them!  But, one important thing which struck me was the passion of this young student to get on his own! I think this is an excellent example to channelize your passion.

Kudos Atul!!


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