My dad’s creations

Our west facing windows were making it too hot in the day..but not till my Dad came into stay for a couple of days...He used his paper cutting skills..and pasted brown papers on the glass windows...See the results yourself..the sunlight now still comes in..but ever so delicately..and also artistically..and guess we love the sunlight..!... Continue Reading →

Playing with colours

Holi festival this year came up with interesting options for us! Kaumudi was busy creating the 2D animation on this theme. Therefore, I got busy with a long pending painting and we indeed enjoyed our creations. Hope you enjoy them too! Kaumudi's animation: As mentioned in my earlier posts, Kaumudi is creating a series of 2D... Continue Reading →

Language of silence

Almost a year back, Shri Surendra Dighe (Dighe Kaka as he is affectionately called), met me along with Ashay regarding a new project proposal for his Jidnyasa Trust. This trust has been a front runner in Thane for creating awareness among children about Science. They wanted to work in the area of Science education issues encountered by... Continue Reading →

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