Language of silence

Almost a year back, Shri Surendra Dighe (Dighe Kaka as he is affectionately called), met me along with Ashay regarding a new project proposal for his Jidnyasa Trust. This trust has been a front runner in Thane for creating awareness among children about Science. They wanted to work in the area of Science education issues encountered by the students who are hearing impaired.

With the encouraging support of Arvind Gupta and his (free) content available on Toys from Trash, we got in to the creation. Kintel Inc. (by Ashay Sahasrabudhe), was the agency shortlisted for this, since they specialize in accessible content creation.

As a past of this project, Jidnyasa had organised a 3 day workshop for the teachers of these schools at Palghar (District Thane), and invited me to deliver a lecture on use of ICT. I was excited to interact with the 30+ teachers from the similar schools from Thane district, who had come for this workshop. Before I started my lecture, all the teachers greeted me with the welcome gesture in sign language!palghar001In between the session, Ashay saw that two-three students were trying to sneak and see what was happening in the hall. We requested them to come inside, and played one of the videos. After one video was over, I asked the teacher to interact with the students and get some feedback about the video. We all were surprised when we saw him, explaining the entire experiment (along with the concept), using the sign language! palghar002

palghar003It was indeed a satisfying moment, since our video spoke to him who is hearing impaired. It also made him explain us the concept and the process of this experiment using his language!

This in my view was an auspicious beginning of a silent communication channel for science popularization. We will be sharing the videos soon!










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