Playing with colours

Holi festival this year came up with interesting options for us! Kaumudi was busy creating the 2D animation on this theme. Therefore, I got busy with a long pending painting and we indeed enjoyed our creations. Hope you enjoy them too!

  • Kaumudi’s animation: As mentioned in my earlier posts, Kaumudi is creating a series of 2D animations for the  homepage of a project website. The current one being the month of colourful holi, she has created this brand new animation..! It shows the two characters spraying colours on each other..! Check the animation on this website:


  • My painting is inspired by the symbol of ITC Sangeet Research Academy, which shows a cuckoo on the tabla. I thought of creating a canvas on this theme. I have completed almost 70% of the painting, and here is the sneak-peak of that.



2 thoughts on “Playing with colours”

  1. Yes Mr.Sameer, I m also agree with this experience.
    We will touch with each other.Please SMS your contact number on my 8108040213.

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