Today is the day, when I lost one of the important person in my life: my uncle: Abakaka (Dr. Prakash Sahasrabudhe). While we remembered my grandfather last month on his 101st birth centenary, I got few of the snaps of Abakaka (in the group photos). Just tried to put up a timeline based sequence of his pictures. However, as an artist and animator, I could feel the introvert character reflecting in all his pictures.

He was a man of few (spoken) words, but a lot unsaid! We could feel those words being said from his ever expressive (and light) eyes! Therefore, his scolding would be of equally similar words as his praise, however we enjoyed each other’s company immensely! My aunt (Shyamalkaku) and many other relatives, used to tease us at every single opportunity, and in fact we actually loved it! Because, we were really close!

As the first child in the house, my (then) bachelor uncle, along with my aunts had taken total ownership of my upbringing! It is therefore, that although my father was transferred at various places, I always stayed with my grand-parents (along with Abakaka), in Aurangabad.  I fondly remember my years of association with him. He was an exquisite performer (die hard theatre artist), a competitive sportsman (opening batsman for Aurangabad region), Popular team builder (lead the bank employees union for a long tenure), and a connoisseur (good music, good perfumes, and good food!).

However, what inspires me is the rigour he put in for completing his PhD at the age of 50+ while working full time in the bank! I was extremely happy to assist him during those days, however it used to create some funny situations. Because I was a fine arts student assisting him on the topic of ‘Role of Urban Cooperative Banks in Maharashtra’. Therefore, most of my help was ‘ghodagiri‘, such as, become his typist, or writer, get the photocopies, file his papers, etc. I enjoyed it thoroughly, and to read my name on the acknowledgement page of his thesis was the icing on the cake! I don’t think any fine arts graduate will ever break this record of mine!

I was extremely happy to show his name on the acknowledgement page of my thesis many years later!!!

I am sure, where ever he is, he would be watching all of us, (like he used to), and say a lot of things (like he used to), which we cannot hear (like we used to)!

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  1. Well written sameerbhau!! You are like his first child..!! Abakakancha swabhav devalahi awadla mhanun gheun gela lavkar tyanna. Nothing more to say.

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