European sojourn 4.0: Toledo

We reached Toledo in less than an hour, but took as much the time to reach our place of stay. I had booked a traditional looking 3 bed room, which looked neat and clean. It turns out that this room is in the MID of Toledo, and has the best view.


The whole town seems like a huge set of a historic film! The cars and the people in modern clothes does make I’d odd, however the structures and the bylines are so overwhelming that you just cannot ignore them.


Toledo is famous for it’s swords, and you see many shops selling these souvenirs. The entire town has old buildings intact, so much so that they seem to be as they are in coming 500 years!! I really don’t know if the town planners have banned modern structures in the town, but it is a treat to your eyes to have entire town following a particular type of design.


Just an hour away from Madrid city, this jewel has a lot to offer! Worth trip for the art lovers! Savani was literally exploring each lane and never got disappointed, since each lane provided a unique visual surprise. See some of these here:

Additional benefit is the summer time in Europe! We get to see the sunlight up to 9 pm! That helps in visiting as many places in the extra time. When we were back after  our long walk in the town, the window in the room had a extremely beautiful view to offer.

The lamp posts are placed strategically with the yellow adding a dramatic lighting to the whole scene! More about Toledo soon!


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