European sojourn 5.2: Flamenco dance at Barcelona

Flamenco is a old Spanish dance form. Just like the bull fight in Madrid, there were many recommendations to watch this dance. Thereford, we made it a point to go for it on the day we landed in Barcelona!!

Luckily, one of the theatres was performing today! Just got the address and went there to see. The setting is a very old theatre in the heart of Barcelona! Decorated in deep black and flaming red, the ambience is warm and rustic. The show begins with the band performing folkish composition.


The performance was authentic and enjoyable. The artists were well organised and passionate about this cultural artform.

My daughter, Savani enjoyed it from the rhythmic perspective, as it was sounding similar to Kathak formations. The claps of the hands and the intricate divisions make it interesting. Savani was reciting some of her todas and tukdas along with the performance!! Later we met them and exchanged these interesting similarities with them.



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