My Teachers: 3.0

IMG_0829Facebook pages often tell you about what others are doing, and when you share your experiences, you try to communicate the same with others. In short, Facebook users find it enjoyable to read about others, and feel happy about it!

I have the same objective, but for one particular page..that is of my teacher, Prof. Shashikant Pendse. Since he is in my ‘friends list’ (how do you justify your teacher as a friend…but Facebook doesn’t understand!!!), I get to see his posts as an update..! Let me admit, each of his posts surprises me every time! Have a look at some of them given below, and you will realise, why I said that.

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His posts remind me the simple principle of practice, which we tend to neglect so easily! As students, we are used to terms like ‘classwork’, ‘homework’, ‘practice’, or what can be called as ‘riyaaz‘. As we become ‘professionals’, the (subjective) artist’s ego just grips us, and we feel these don’t have any value! According to me, it is the biggest mistake, artists can make. Just like musicians, we artists need to keep ourselves in the groove for the drawing, painting, sketching, sculpting etc. However, many of us think that the assigned jobs at our workplace will make it for us. This is just not true! Projects are just like performances, where you have to deliver your finest, and that can be achieved ONLY after a systematic practice (or riyaaz) over a period of time! Many of my artists friends have never picked up the pencil or a brush apart from the time, that they were required to do it as a part of their job!

Pendse Sir’s posts (like some of the ones above), hit this aspect! At the age of 82, and leading a retired life of more than 20 years, we see his posts titled ‘practice homework’ of various art forms! It could be photography, calligraphy, typography, illustrations, landscape… the list is endless!

When I asked him the secret of going on, he mentioned, “If we are artists, we should keep creating art, always!! The day I DON’T create anything is a day, when I feel incompleteness. So, irrespective of the jobs I do, I HAVE TO do some practice EVERY SINGLE DAY”. I think that is the secret of his longevity! My heartfelt wishes to him, as he brings up yet another new style: The Pothi Art.


This is a unique blend of calligraphy-typography-design, to create realistic pages of the past! Every paper, carefully designed in terms of the topic, calligraphy style, colours, and illustrations. As usual, he experimented with couple of them first, and then kept on pursuing it where he has created a number of them! An exhibition of this unique art form is on display from June 28th to July 4th at the Darpan Art Gallery, Pune. Check the , invite given below, and I urge art lovers to visit the exhibition, and get a chance to meet him!



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