Course starts 5th September

skani fb2-01This year is unique for me, since I would be paying tribute to all my teachers by offering a course for the 5th time in a row. Basic 3D animation using Blender, has been offered 4 times already, and 12571 participants have enrolled in the past offerings. It is interesting to see that around 20% of the participants have completed the course.

We have received more than 5000 assignments, and my team of teaching assistants (who are spread over the globe now), have been relentlessly responding to those. Many a times they have guided the participants to the newer techniques of doing these animations. Participants have also reciprocated in enthusiastic manner, by posting numerous Blender models going out of the way at times!!!

An appeal to all the alumnus of the SKANI101x course:
Contact us to volunteer as a ‘Teaching Assistant’ for the course (Sep-Dec 2017).
We need you to devote 2-3 hours per week for this activity.
eMail your best creation in Blender and your score of SKANI101x to:

skani fb2-03

The Teaching Assistants will get a letter from Prof. Phatak (IITBombay), and a credit on the SKANI101x website. You will be involved in various tasks such as: Discussion Forum moderation, Creating Quiz Questions, Creating challenging assignments, and interacting with the participants.

We await your applications! Share the word!


Links for the Online session on 20th August

2017-08-24 16_29_00-Fwd_ Re_ request for video link of Dr. Sameer Sahasrabudhe - iamsameerss@gmail.cI conducted a session on Visual Presentation Skills as a part of the faculty Development Program on ICT. I was present in the Symbiosis Institute of Computer Research (SICR), Pune and this session was transmitted LIVE to ~120 remote centers (RCs) across the country and attended by ~6000 teachers. Many of them wanted to refer it (that’s what the administration team tells me!), and therefore, we have uploaded it on YouTube, so that it is accessible. I thought of sharing the links on my website, as many of you had also sent me requests for the video.

There are two links, the first one is a session on Visual Presentation skills, and the second one has an example of using a rubric for peer evaluation. Please have a look and post your comments. As mentioned earlier, the corresponding slides for these two videos can be seen on the Downloads page.

The first session shows an interesting experiment, where the remote centers interact with me using a chat option, and they are super active!!! Worth an applause for their active participation!


5th time on popular demand!

SKANI101x webpageAnnouncing the animation skill development MOOC: Basic 3D animation using Blender, for the fifth time now!!! Once again in a self pace mode!!! This permits ANY-TIME entry in the course (up to November 2017), as well as watching the content and attempting the quizzes at your convenience!!!

Computer based game creation course is coming up in October 2017.
SKANI101x: Basic 3D animation using Blender, is a prerequisite for that.

It is a basic course, with an emphasis on hands on activities. There are exciting assignments, and a mini-projects in the end to create a small animation clip of your own!! Ideal as an elective lab course for colleges and institutions. Watch out for the advanced course coming up in October 2017 (for which the pre-requisite is the basic course!!)


Share the word!!

Nature at it’s best!!! Mumbai-Pune train journey

After I posted the Slow Motion videos on Facebook, there were many friends, who asked me ‘Where did you travel recently?, The videos you have posted are so fascinating!”. I then realised that I should burst the bubble of their anxiety, and tell them the was our friendly neighborhood hill station:  Lonavala. Few weeks back when the rains were in their fullest glory, I had a chance to visit Pune. I grabbed this opportunity to travel by railway, in order to enjoy this beautiful journey…and I must say, the railways and the nature, both didn’t disappoint me either!!

To start with, Railways gave a perfect window seat which offered a nice view outside! The journey started on a bright note, since my co passengers were students of media from Somaiya college, going to Pune for an educational tour! They were a chirpy bunch, with an equally exciting teacher who was accompanying them: Prof. Ameya Bal. I spent time sketching the co passengers in the bogie to get rid of the boredom, until we reached the Ghat section.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

First glimpse of the western ghats after Karjat was exhilarating. I captured these various landscapes in a slow motion…just to add a little bit of drama!! And the effect is worth sharing. Have a look:

Just when I was really enjoying this journey, the railways gave one more surprise! The train stopped exactly at a point, where the beauty of the valley was simply breathtaking! The groups quickly took out their cameras, and started clicking. After some time, there was a whole round of photo shoot of the close ups, against the nice backdrop.  I too was fascinated by the nature around, and after everyone settled back in their seats, I managed to click a nice panorama video. Have a look:

The train started moving, but in the opposite direction. It actually traveled back for almost 20 mins, changed the track and then proceeded to Pune. The one which we were going earlier, had some problem. Finally, we could reach Pune, after a nice refreshing travel through the western ghats! All is well that ends well!!