Course starts 5th September

This year is unique for me, since I would be paying tribute to all my teachers by offering a course for the 5th time in a row. Basic 3D animation using Blender, has been offered 4 times already, and 12571 participants have enrolled in the past offerings. It is interesting to see that around 20%... Continue Reading →

Links for the Online session on 20th August

I conducted a session on Visual Presentation Skills as a part of the faculty Development Program on ICT. I was present in the Symbiosis Institute of Computer Research (SICR), Pune and this session was transmitted LIVE to ~120 remote centers (RCs) across the country and attended by ~6000 teachers. Many of them wanted to refer... Continue Reading →

5th time on popular demand!

Announcing the animation skill development MOOC: Basic 3D animation using Blender, for the fifth time now!!! Once again in a self pace mode!!! This permits ANY-TIME entry in the course (up to November 2017), as well as watching the content and attempting the quizzes at your convenience!!! Computer based game creation course is coming up... Continue Reading →

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