Course starts 5th September

skani fb2-01This year is unique for me, since I would be paying tribute to all my teachers by offering a course for the 5th time in a row. Basic 3D animation using Blender, has been offered 4 times already, and 12571 participants have enrolled in the past offerings. It is interesting to see that around 20% of the participants have completed the course.

We have received more than 5000 assignments, and my team of teaching assistants (who are spread over the globe now), have been relentlessly responding to those. Many a times they have guided the participants to the newer techniques of doing these animations. Participants have also reciprocated in enthusiastic manner, by posting numerous Blender models going out of the way at times!!!

An appeal to all the alumnus of the SKANI101x course:
Contact us to volunteer as a ‘Teaching Assistant’ for the course (Sep-Dec 2017).
We need you to devote 2-3 hours per week for this activity.
eMail your best creation in Blender and your score of SKANI101x to:

skani fb2-03

The Teaching Assistants will get a letter from Prof. Phatak (IITBombay), and a credit on the SKANI101x website. You will be involved in various tasks such as: Discussion Forum moderation, Creating Quiz Questions, Creating challenging assignments, and interacting with the participants.

We await your applications! Share the word!

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  1. hello sir want to learn everything from basic to advance in blender…. so please guide me.. i want to join ur course…. i already signed in website but it shows not present course available and enrollment date is over…… so please let me know how can i join blender basic course… waiting for ur reply…..


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