Quiz 1 of SKANI101x uploaded

Quiz1-fb-02The course is LIVE, and today we uploaded the first quiz. The quiz has three sections, and variety of questions, related to Chapter 1 and 2. We would be releasing the two quizzes subsequently.

Many students are asking if the Quizzes have a deadline, since they have some exams/classes going on currently.

Let me clarify through this post that the deadline for ALL the quizzes (including this one) is going to be December 12th 2017.

December 12th is the end date of the course. Therefore, don’t panic. We have ample time for you to attempt the quizzes. However, make the most of it, by answering ONLY AFTER you verify by checking it in Blender. In the past, this has helped the successful candidates!

Another important announcement: PLEASE refrain yourself from discussing the quiz questions in an open forum. We would be taking serious action against someone who does that. In case you have a doubt, join the WhatsApp group of the course, and send a separate message to us. Avoid a public discussion!!

We have also started a new way to interact with you. It is called as Padlet. Here is an example Padlet we have created. Go to this link and post your queries. Our team will respond on the same. The best part is that Padlet DOES NOT require you to register on their website, for reading/posting. In addition, it also has a mobile app, which gives you a handy way to check/interact with us. Go ahead, install the app from here / OR / visit this page to check the padlet / OR / just scan the QR code displayed below. Use this document to know more about using Padlet: Padlet_Instructions


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