In remembrance

Since morning, the date, 23rd September was ringing a bell in my head. I wasn’t able to recollect why is that. Until, I opened my old diary having birthdays noted, to see that it was the birthday of one of the most beloved teacher of all times: Prof. I S Mathur.


I still remember him meeting us two days before the inaugural function of ZICA. He was busy planning the program with meticulous details. Most striking was his ability to communicate with each and every person. Be it the Telugu speaking stage decorator, or the Russian faculty member. He used to make it look super easy, and each one of them had a smile on their faces after the conversation!

I personally feel, planning the 1st batch, is something ZICA should have documented better! The program design, curriculum, time tables, even finer details such as the room allotment had a ‘designer’ mark of ISM on it! I realised this when we were told that the room partners CANNOT be changed! I was extremely happy with my partner (Pankaj Srivastav), since he was a musician, but later did I know that this was by design!

His classes on film language were worth recording. Now when I see mediocre ‘experts’ uploading badly shot/edited/composited videos on ‘YouTube’, I feel we have done a gross injustice to the excellent teachers, by not documenting their lectures.

This is more shameful, when it happens in a media school, having all the facilities in the world. We are bad in documenting, and I really repent on that!

I remember going to him before the Diwali vacation with a request. I wanted to video shoot the proceedings at the institute. He permitted me immediately, and I still have that recording, which I think is the ONLY one existing, which shows glimpses of the humble beginnings! We should have done the recordings of his Film language course, aah, but that is an after thought! I appalled by the current ZICA site, which doesn’t even mention the founding Director. However, I think Prof. Mathur was much beyond that, and he still lives in the hearts of his innumerable students and colleagues!

Remembering you Sir on your Birthday!



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