Chennai express-ions 2.0: The food

img_8966.jpgChennai  food was great from the time I landed. Early morning when I visited Anna University the first couple of nice filter coffee really set the tone.  My next stop was Loyola College. After the interactive session I was terribly hungry and the Principal Prof. Jose  took his car out so that we can go to the most famous Chennai restaurant: Saravana Bhavan. It took some courage to order the South-Indian full Thali, however I was pretty sure of the taste and the variety. And it did not disappoint at all.


With numerous items seen here (and some not seen like: the starters and the deserts) in the picture, you can imagine the task of finishing this gigantic thali! My student, Romey (extreme right) gave the much necessary helping ‘hand’ to finish it, and had a ALL VEG meal after a long time!

After couple of sessions and many more meetings at the end of the day, the team at Loyola took me to another famous restaurant Murugan’s idli! Restaurant greeted us with a very basic but clean atmosphere, nice banana leaves, and minimalist but functional menu which was really tempting. I was extremely happy to see the range of chutneys served, irrespective of the main course you order!



The only person who knew what all we had that day was the waiter, who kept on getting various forms of Vadai and Dosai, until we all said ‘enough’! As per the custom, I folded the leaf to half, and indicated the end of my battle! However, it was not possible to say no to the excellent aroma of filter kaapi!!!


Only words I could utter were: अन्नदाता सुखी भव ||

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