A full circle

In 2007 I bumped into this free and open source 3D animation software Blender. It was one of my colleague Malathy Baru who told me about this since I was an animator. I did download and install, however I gave up very soon owing to a bizarre looking interface which was not allowing me to interact... Continue Reading →

Rare opportunity!

On 8th Nov, I had an excellent opportunity to share the podium along with none other than Padmashree Dr. Deepak Phatak. It was a webinar hosted by the Government of India as a prelude to the forthcoming global conference. The topic of the webinar was: accessible ICT, and Prof. Pathak had requested me to share... Continue Reading →

Birthday gift

When I first heard about Amazon Echo, I wasn't sure of it's usability and utility. However, it struck me, when I realised that Kaumudi's birthday coincides with the release date of Echo in India, and I knew, it could be the best gift for her. I placed the pre-order in Diwali, and was waiting for... Continue Reading →

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