The story behind the pictures…

It was our anniversary on 29th November, and I wanted to use a nice picture to share with my friends. I was searching for a decent photograph of both of us, and I found a snap which was clicked by accident (See the picture on the left).  Savani had rejected the idea to click a picture with us few weeks back, and we were left with this!! I thought this could be a nice way to create a anniversary picture..and then came the savior: Adobe Photoshop.

I added the message and the relevant pictures on the notebook Savani was holding. However, my picture without glasses made me uncomfortable. Once again, used the Photoshop skills, and added a nice pair of glasses to make it complete (See the picture on the right):


This triggered me for another spoof picture, and I added one more. This time I requested people to suggest text in the blank thought bubble shown in the picture. Thanks to all the friends who sent wonderful suggestions. These can be seen here. It was amazing to see similar concepts echoing in  different languages!!

Here is a a option I had created..!


Thank you all for wishes and blessings!!






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