आनंद! Happiness!

The earlier generations have so much to offer..! They had few occasions to interact with each other,, fewer mediums to interact, and very few resources to afford the interactions. In spite of these odds, they used these ‘few’ opportunities to maximise the effect.

Recently, I accompanied my mother for a family get together of her cousin, who became great-grand mother. The scene was exquisite! All the cousins (above 70 years of age), re-winded back in the time machine, and relived the wonderful moments they spent together. There were smiling faces, and positivity all around!

Looking at them, when they all posed for a group picture, I realised the true definition of ‘Happiness’!


आपल्या पालकांच्या पिढीकडून अनेक गोष्टी शिकण्यासारख्या आहेत. त्यांच्या काळी भावंडांना भेटण्याचे प्रसंग खूपच कमी असायचे,  दळणवळणाची साधने कमी, संवादाची माध्यमे खूपच कमी, आणि ह्या सर्व सोयी वापरण्यासाठी आवश्यक आर्थिक पाठबळ सुद्धा कमीच! ह्या सर्व अडचणी असूनही, त्यांनी मिळालेल्या संधींचा उपयोग, आयुष्यभराच्या स्नेहामध्ये परावर्तीत केला!

नुकतेच मला माझ्या आईबरोबर तिच्या मावसबहिणीच्या एका कार्यक्रमाला जाण्याचा योग आला. कार्यक्रमाचं निमित्त म्हणजे: तिच्या मावसबहिणीला पंतवंड झाल्यानिमित्त सोन्याची फुले उधळण्याचे! सर्व बहिणी (सर्वसाधारण वय ७० वर्ष) जमल्यावर तिथलं वातावरण एकदम बदललं! सगळ्याजणी थेट ५० वर्ष मागे भूतकाळात गेल्या, जुन्या आठवणींना उजाळा देणं चालू होतं. सर्वांचे हर्षोल्हासात न्हाऊन निघालेले चेहेरे… नकारात्मकतेला थाराच नाही!

त्यांना फोटो साठी एकत्र उभ्या राहिलेल्या पाहताना एकच शब्द आठवला: आनंद!!




Flipbook animation Workshop@KalaGhoda Art festival 2018

I got a call from the organizers of KalaGhoda Art Festival (KGAF) 2018, asking me about the Flipbook animation Workshop to be conducted this year! Kaumudi and I had done it few years back, however, it was for kids. This time it was for the elders, and we really wanted to experiment.

The KGAF team asked us to get all the material required for 25 participants, and thus started the search for appropriate paper, pencils and other tools. We finally came up with a small and handy size of flipbook,which can give enough surface area to draw but also will be portable to slip into a pocket! That was just the starting, but the real challenge was to get them cut to size, and get them packed. That is when my friend Shyam Pawar (Asmi Printing and Merchandise), came in handy. He and his team (Haroon, Shashikant, and others) cleared the pressure off our heads, by not just creating the packets, but also delivering them right to our home!


Kaumudi came up with an idea to have few illustrations which will demonstrate the morphing or transformation, drawn in a single frame. This might help the first time ‘animators’ to envisage the flipbook. She made a couple of sketches, and APM promptly printed them such that they can stand by themselves!


We went there with all the required stuff, and were greeted by the cheerful and warm KGAF team! Savani (my daughter) took the control of the sound system, and provided a nice background music in the form of popular songs from animation movies. As planned, the organisers allowed (only the first 25) participants, and we got going with the session.


The participants were from a wide range of professions, age groups, and even geographical locations! Many had come for the KGAF specially from other states. The session was enjoyable for us, and also for them…as it looked like. Here are few videos of the flip books created by the participants:

Please visit our page for details!