Course is up…and the war room is set!

LCM_MeetingToday was a big day, since we opened up the registration for the second course on IITBombayX. The new course is titled: ET702x: Designing Learner-Centric MOOC.

This is part of a series of courses on creating Learner-Centric Online courses. It is also important, since it marks another course with my teachers: Prof. Sridhar Iyer and Prof. Sahana Murthy, where I am a Co-Instructor! In addition, it is a yet another course with my friend: Dr. Jayakrishnan M., (a.k.a. JK, as he is known).

Today, the course registration has begun. We hope to interact with passionate teachers who are interested in creating MOOCs, which are centered around learners. The photo shown above is during a intense meeting, of the instructor’s group, who were discussing the strategies for the third week of the course. And since, Dr. JK, has joined IITMadras as a Research Scientist, we had him join us through a video conference.

All thanks to Ashutosh Raina, the doctoral researcher and a talented photographer of ET-IDP, clicked at the right moment, when we were in the middle of an intense discussion! 

My interview on IITBombayX

Recently, my interview about the experience of offering MOOCs on IITBombayX platform, appeared on the blog of IITBx. Thanks to Dr. Venita Shah for the initiative.

Here are some excerpts and the link for the same:

MOOCs have a larger impact with online access and no geographical boundaries. Dr. Sahasrabudhe’s experience with MOOCs is exclusive as his courses attract distinct audience. “Many learners take up my courses as an extra-curricular activity; however, they end up recognizing the application of knowledge in their day-to-day tasks. This in fact has been a learning experience for me in structuring the course in a way to benefit the participants in their curriculum and future,” he told.

Modularization of MOOC into a short course (4-week) is always more engaging than a semester-long (12-week) course.

Another viewpoint:

Dr. Sahasrabudhe described his continuous efforts with IITBombayX team in creation of content for better engagement of participants. “Our videos were not merely recording the face of the speaker with inserted slides. Instead, it was an interspersing of videos slides, the screen capture of the software, as well as the speaker, so that the learners do not lose out on the personal connect. Along with the content team at IITBombayX, we also exploited the modified versions of multiple choice questions, available at the edX platform, to provide something fresh to our learners.”


“We created city-based WhatsApp groups, which was more of a casual medium of interaction for the course.”




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