Panch-Kanya of Borawan: A short documentary

I had written about the 5 girls in my course, who had shown a character by completing an assignment, which was not mandatory at all! The blog post was received well by many readers, and that prompted me to document this incident in a short film!

Recently, I have been able to complete the first cut of the same. Special mention of many of them who helped me in getting this together: The panchkanyas: Aditi Rawal, Anuja Khede, Chaitali Patidar, Poonam Chauhan, Shivani Verma were extremely supportive throughout. We had a nice visit to Maheshwar, and enjoyed their hospitality!

IIT Bombay team: Prof. DB Phatak for the support and encouragement, the entire eStudio team headed by Sajjan Kumar Dixit for the technical support, Prakash Jadiyar for carrying out the herculean task of editing the story, Siddhesh Walunj and Sandeep Lavhate for additional video shoots at JIT Borawan. In addition, the ever supportive team at JIT Borawan: Prof. Atul Upadhyay (Principal), Prof. Sunil Sugandhi (Dean), Prof. Nitin Namdev (Course Coordinator), Prof. Sanjay Chouhan (RC Coordinator), and many others who helped me in capturing the videos. Last but not the least my better half: Kaumudi who has been with me throughout this production!

Please have a look here:

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