Made my day!

I come across many responses from the learners of my courses, however many are not seen. This is simply because it is not possible to read each and every comment on the discussion forums of my 8 courses having 30000+ learners! That’s where my team of discussion forum moderators comes in handy.

Just today, when one of my colleague was distilling the responses received, he found one interesting response. Elated, he forwarded me a screenshot of this! I extremely happy to read it! This one is a feedback about my course from a learner in Iran:

“after a week of viewing all the videos, I feel I’m in love with Dr. Sameer Sahasrabudhe, and his beautiful accent and looks :)) thank you all for the course. and I’m really sorry I live in Iran and because of political sanctions, there is actually no way that I can pay the course fee. “

Apart from the nice words, what caught my attention is the pain he mentions of not being able to pay for the certificate, which he would like to have. It is saddening to see that knowledge available at your doorstep cannot be picked up, just because the political situation restricts it! I felt really good for two things: one that we are living in a society, which has no such barriers, and secondly, I am extremely proud to work for IITBombayX, which actually gives out the certification also for FREE.

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