T0001: Symbiosis, Pune

As I started my career as an independent consultant, the very first official visit was obviously to Symbiosis, Pune. I have taken up a position of an Adjunct Faculty here, however my role doesn’t expect me to teach students/offer course/s (at least currently). Instead, I am supposed to steer the design and development of the most awaited Symbiosis MOOCs!

This is going to be exciting, since I can apply my learning over the years of MOOC creation, and share my experience in content production to bring out the best of the faculty members at Symbiosis.

Symbiosis International (Deemed University) ranked 144 In BRICS Ranking and 247 amongst the top 250 universities in Asia by QS World University ranking agencies.

I joined on the 3rd December, and was greeted by the sprawling campus of Symbiosis International University (SIU) at Lavale. To make it better for the administrative purpose, I am attached to a department more closer to my task: Symbiosis Teaching Learning Resource Centre (STLRC). Prof. Sophia who is the Head of this Center arranged a initial meeting where I met Hon. Vice Chancellor of SIU, Dr. Rajani Gupte and the Dean of Academics, Dr. Bhama Venkatramani. We decide on the plan of action to follow for the MOOC creation, and I started off with it.

The 5 days at SIU were packed with many meetings (in person as well as virtual). However, the best part was the stay at the well appointed guest house on the hilltop. The view from the room is just mesmerising, and so is the interior. Each room is unique, since it represents the art and culture of an Indian state. I stayed in ‘Gujarat’ room this time, and as you ca see, the artifacts are exquisite! The staff is welcoming and serves delicious food!

I would be spending third calendar week every month in SIU.
Looking forward for some interesting interaction!

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