T006: Pune

This visit to Pune was part of my monthly schedule where I visit Symbiosis University for a week. But then I realised that it is going to be much bigger than that, since I am going to have two interesting things during this very trip. The first thing was a LIVE session for the NPTEL course I am co-instructor for; and the second one was a one day short trip to Kolkata to deliver a guest lecture!

The LIVE session was planned on the Thursday (March 7, between 3-4 PM). The team at the Symbiosis Law School at Viman Nagar Campus, made all the necessary arrangements for me to go LIVE. It was the time, and I began my session. It was wonderful experience to receive queries, comments,
and suggestions from the participants of the course.

The video can be seen below. I have my friend Dr. Tanmoy De, who shared his experience about the course planning stage. He and his colleagues came up with an outline for an interesting course on Rural Marketing!

In addition to this interesting experience, I got a chance to relish, one of the best ‘Misal‘ served in Pune: The Shrimant Misal! It is one of those things that has to be experienced, and not just to read, hear, or see! The reason why I mentioned that ‘I got a chance’ is because, although I visit the SIU campus on Senapati Bapat Road, so many time,s I always missed the chance to visit this place…but not this time. I got hold of my friend Kailas Rode, and actually managed to keep our date with the awesome Misal!

Shrimant Misal, Senapati Bapat Road, Pune

The restaurant uses brass utensils to give a royal look to their presentation. In addition every dish seems carefully crafted to make it tasty, tempting to eyes, and wholesome! The signature dish is the ‘Shrimant Special Misal. This consists of a spicy sprout curry, condiments, chopped onion, a piece of lemon, some carrot slices, potato curry, fried papad, curds, and the bread! I was amused to find a rare traditionally maharashtrian sweet: a peanut laddoo. The dish is served with an unlimited supply of the spicy curry called as ‘Tarri‘. The taste was just right (spicy, as it should be), and the curds offered the right balance to neutralise the spice!

All in all, it was a good sumptuous snack that made our day!

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