T007: Kolkata (Part 1)

Last month my friend and ex colleague Agnijeet called me and requested to deliver a lecture at a conference organised by his institute. I did not ask for more details at that time, and realised later that the date is amidst my Pune travel. However, I managed to squeeze Friday for this visit, and join back for a day on Saturday.

Also, the SIU campus at Viman nagar came in handy for me to literally’ walk up to the airport in 10 minutes. Kolkata was just about to get going, when I landed at 8 AM! The venue was the beautiful Birla Industrial & Technological Museum. I was early, and could have a look at some of the nice exhibits!

The event was: yFactor: the annual conference of NSHM. The program kickstarted with a panel discussion about ‘Women in media’, a fitting topic to mark the International Women’s day! Met some of the stalwarts in the media..! Bachhi Karkaria, Dilrukshi Handunnetti, Nirupama Subramanyam, and Anuradha were curt, and clear about the status of women in media!


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I had the opportunity to share the stage with some stalwarts! The senior media professional Dr. Raju, Tejas Gandhi (fashion designer), and Cyrus Dastur (Shamiyana film club). The topic was interesting: Creativity in digital age! We shared our views and also had a fair share of differences! All in all it was quite interesting experience.

Made a lot of new friends, and left the venue to catch up the flight back! An interesting incident was waiting for me on the way to the airport. More about it in the second part… coming soon!

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