T007: Kolkata (Part 2)

After a hectic but exciting day at yFactor conference, it was time for me to start back! I got in to the car and was heading back to the airport. I was accompanied by a senior professor, who was to get down on the way. He was a perfect person to get a suggestion for buying some sweets. He suggested Balaram Mullick sweets on the way. He guided the car driver to the entrance, and suggested that I can take as much time for my ‘sweet’ shopping, while they park the car in the adjacent lane!

Source: TripAdvisor

I entered this ‘Mishti Magic’ shop, and was absolutely clueless, about what to buy! I was simply looking at the display of mouth-watering delicacies, when someone tapped me on my shoulder! I turned to see a gentleman asking me, “Are you Dr. Sameer Sahasrabudhe  by any chance?”. “Yes! off course I am”, I smiled and shook hands with him. He was beaming by now and said, “I am happy to meet you, since I am a participant in your online course currently going on the NPTEL platform!”. He introduced as a professor from Techno India, and was visibly excited to meet the online instructor in person. In no time he went to the counter and got me a cup of Nolen gurer Souffle, which was the speciality of this outlet! I had a short discussion, before I realised that the people in the car outside were waiting for long now! I asked for recommendations to be packed, bought them, and bid him a good bye…not before I clicked a selfie with him and his colleague!


THis was not the first time that I experienced a ‘celebrity teacher’ moment, but it was first time I experienced it outside Mumbai! and it was special…too bad that I am unable to remember the name of this gentleman.. please help me getting him!

Nevertheless, the course on NPTEL is getting over this week, and I will get the list of ALL the participants. Hope to get it there!

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