Performing Arts Festival of IIT Bombay

Out of many interesting events happening on the campus, the one which I enjoy the most is the ‘Performing Arts Festival’ or PAF as it is popularly known! This is a brilliant concept and I just love the format. To begin with, it is just another ‘inter hostel competition’. However, it goes much beyond that.

The objective is to perform a theatrical act. Few hostels come together to make a team and submit their entry. Based on the number of entries, the PAF committee announces the schedule. The act involves ALL departments of the theatre, such as: script writing, art, production, music, acting, voiceover, light, sound, direction etc.


However, the most crucial criteria to set up the act is the stage which is provided…it is a huge area to be covered by the props and lights. This is another reason, that the actors in this act DO NOT have microphones. They simply mime on the stage with a lip movement, and the voice over is provided by the actors in the front. The stage property is huge. Earlier, a stage with many levels was found challenging, however, in recent times, the production has graduated to many new and spectacular ‘heights’! We have seen a double storied building with an external staircase and galleries, line of control with watch towers, and even a moving train on the stage!


The music team performs LIVE and lends the necessary audio effect to the whole act. The voiceover artists scramble through the script papers, and the limited number of microphones made available!

All in all, this activity is a nice example of team spirit and creativity. Months of preparations come to an end after the act is over! Few glimpses of yesteryears years PAF for you:


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