Modern day ‘Eklavya’

I received a call from an unknown number, and I did not pick it up! Then it ringed again from the same number and this time I decided to pick it! It proved to be a good decision, because the call was from Aditya Sharma…a modern day ekalavya!


Aditya hails from village Bhilpura, in Taluka Piplimajra, of the district Yamunanagar in Haryana. The address will is self explanatory to communicate the remote location of his. He wanted to thank me for guiding him to Blender, however I could not recall talking to him in the past! He then told me that he chose to learn Blender, after he heard me in an old interview which was recorded by Dr. Yogendra Pal of the Learn-by-watch. He is now set to get an admission for a Fine arts or an under graduate program in design at a reputed university. He told me his journey of how he started off with the passion for animation and gaming, and got some hints from my interview. Later, he learnt Blender using online tutorials, and also made his first 3D game all by himself. When I asked him, if he can write down his journey, he was a little hesitant, however he agreed, when I explained to him that it will inspire others! Have a look at this fantastic journey in this document!

It is indeed a satisfying moment, when you come across such passionate people, who overcome the shackles of the lack of access, language, and infrastructure to achieve their dreams!

Hats off Aditya Sharma! You are a winner!

Kudos to Yogendra Pal and Learn-By-Watch for reaching out to the remotest places and the deserving learners through your YouTube channel!