Selected as 2019 edX Prize Finalist!

edX_PrizeExtremely delighted to share the news that the Fundamentals of 3D visualization program from IITBombayX has been selected as one of the 10 finalists for the edX Prize 2019! It is a result of the visionary leadership of Prof. DB Phatak, Prof. Sridhar Iyer, Prof. Sudarshan; and the support from the entire team at IITBombayX led by Dr. Kalpana Kannan. It was her team member: Urmila Deshmukh, who was the first one to suggest that I file my nomination! Thank you Urmila for that!

This program could not have been possible without the support from my co-instructors: Kaumudi Sahasrabudhe, Nitin Ayer, and Sneha Deorukhkar. The production and the post-production teams (Shekhar Ovhal), teaching assistants, and the discussion forum moderators have been crucial in creating this. My colleagues Heramb Sukhthankar, Nitin Ayer, Amit Shukla, Sandeep Gaikwad, and Md. Salman worked painstakingly, through the data of the 54000 learners to create an impressive nomination! Your hardwork has paid off boys!

This program, has more than 25000 learners registered (over the 4 offerings so far). Interestingly, the completion rate of these skill courses has been over 65%.

I have had the fortune of interacting with most vibrant participants who have made this journey memorable! Being in top 10 teachers itself is a great feeling! and I will be forever indebted to all those who have made this possible! We keep our fingers crossed and await the final result! Keep those wishes pouring in!

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