Active Learning Pedagogy in Classrooms

This is a workshop dedicated to the active learning strategies for classrooms. We have designed this workshop which discusses some of the key Active Learning strategies, their importance, and implementation process.


Ideally a two days workshop, this has 4 sessions per day. We have constructors for you to create your own active learning artifacts by the end of the workshop.

Topics covered

  • what, why and how of learning objectives
  • why active learning is needed
  • what constitutes active learning
  • how to do effective learner-centered integration of technology in teaching (includes introduction to example active learning techniques)
  • hands-on sessions where teachers are guided to apply the techniques to design active learning activities with technology and implement them effectively in flipped classroom mode as well as in in-class teaching mode.


  • Classroom with flexible seating arrangement
  • Computer, projector, audio system, and internet connectivity for the instructor

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