Rare opportunity!


On 8th Nov, I had an excellent opportunity to share the podium along with none other than Padmashree Dr. Deepak Phatak. It was a webinar hosted by the Government of India as a prelude to the forthcoming global conference. The topic of the webinar was: accessible ICT, and Prof. Pathak had requested me to share my experience of interventions we had created recently in this domain.

I have presented to projects which I have work recently on. The first one is an animated tutor for learning Indian Sign Language (ISL) called as Fingerspelling. Five Summer intern students (Romeo, Tejas, Bhuvanesh, Suchismita, and Nitin who mentored them) worked relentlessly to create this useful intervention. Apart from the animation and the interactivity which goes in the creation of the application the students also visited a school where hearing and speech impaired students tested our product and found it useful. Please use the following links to know more about this app:

Online version | Downloadable version | Report

I also spoke about another interesting project I’m part of. It is a science popularisation and adoption initiative using ICT. We have chosen the pioneering work by Prof. Arvind Gupta (IUCAA, Pune). The team at Kintel Inc, led by Ashay Sahasrabudhe has created 50 videos using ISL. Jidnyasa Trust (Thane) has designed workshops for the faculty members of the special schools explaining the process of adopting these videos in the classrooms. Since, the final production is underway, I will provide the links soon.

Please share these projects with others so that they can access them.





Chennai express – ions 3.0: Blender Meet up


The Blender Meet Up was organised by Loyola ICAM. It was a mixed audience. Their way students teachers and also a few professionals.

It was a mixed audience. Their way students teachers and also a few professionals.

But the most interesting part what’s the topics of interaction.  People from outside narrated their experience and shared the details of the current projects they’re working on.

One of them is working on fluid mechanics simulations while other person mentioned that she was working on a simulation of how an infection will spread over a city like Chennai.

I am pleasantly surprised and amused to hear the various applications and was happy to see how just a simple basic cause of blender can grow up into so many branches applications and experiences.