NEWS: We are offering the 3D animation basics course on IITBombayX.
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Short Bio
Dr. Sameer Sahasrabudhe, is a researcher in the area of visual design for creating eLearning animations. He is an evangelist of the open source 3D animation tool: Blender, and has led various projects on eLearning content creation, at IIT Bombay for last 12 years. He has published widely on this these topics, and has been an invited speaker at various institutions and conferences. He is a fine arts graduate and a traditional cell animator. His films have been screened and won awards at national and international film festivals.

Currently, Sameer works as a Senior Project Research Scientist, at IIT Bombay. He has offered two MOOCs on the IITBombayX platform. The first course about 3D animation has been offered three times already, and over 3000 participants have completed this course. The second course about 3D Architectural visualization was offered as a trial. 800+ participants registered for the course, and over 30% completed it.

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