Chennai express – ions 3.0: Blender Meet up


The Blender Meet Up was organised by Loyola ICAM. It was a mixed audience. Their way students teachers and also a few professionals.

It was a mixed audience. Their way students teachers and also a few professionals.

But the most interesting part what’s the topics of interaction.  People from outside narrated their experience and shared the details of the current projects they’re working on.

One of them is working on fluid mechanics simulations while other person mentioned that she was working on a simulation of how an infection will spread over a city like Chennai.

I am pleasantly surprised and amused to hear the various applications and was happy to see how just a simple basic cause of blender can grow up into so many branches applications and experiences.






Chennai express – ions 1.0


This trip marks the start of the second part of the Faculty Development Program about the use of ICT in education.  It is going to be a hectic trip, as I have to visit four remote centres, address faculty members at one of them, and also attend a meet up of Blender enthusiasts in Chennai, all this in one and a half day!!!

The motivation is obvious for two reasons. One is off course because of the chance to interact with the Blender community in Chennai. However, the other one and the most important one is because this FDP is a splendid chance to interact with some of the greatest teachers in the country…

Check the screenshot to believe it! It is not common to be ‘on the same page’ with these stalwarts!!


Looking forward to an exciting trip.

Blender Meet Up @ Chennai

MEET UP_ChennaiMany of the students keep writing that they want  to meet the instructors and share their latest Blender work with the community. We do have a Blender India page floated for this, however currently it is not maintained. I make it a point to meet the Blender users (not necessarily the students of SKANI101x), whenever I travel. However, this time I am making it more formal.

Blender Meet-up at Chennai. Loyola-ICAM College of Engineering and Technology, Nungambakkam, Chennai, at 4:30 PM, on Saturday, 16th September 2017.

Please come over in case you are a Blender user, and/or student of SKANI101x, just come over. Use this opportunity to share your Blender experiences and also interact with Blender community in Chennai.

Hope to see you all there at the Loyola-ICAM College of Engineering and Technology this Saturday.

Download the poster of the event here.


Information about the SKANI101x course

Many faculty members and students ask me the questions about the SKANI101x course. I find that the queries are often similar. Therefore, I decided to create this blog post to host all such relevant information at one place.

First and the foremost is about the objectives and the curriculum of the course. As mentioned earlier, this is a BASIC course, and points the participants to the animation creation processes, using the free and open source tool: Blender. Other allied questions are about certification, and the scope of animation as a career etc. In these videos (recorded earlier), I have explained these aspects in detail. I suggest you all go through this for clarification.

There is also a video interview I had recorded for, which explains many other ‘frequently asked questions’. Have a look:

In addition, I would like you to use the course poster (Image given below, but you can get a PDF if you click on it) to share it with the aspiring animation students.

SKANI101xA_Poster (1)

Course started!

It is the Teacher’s Day today, and I am happy to announce the launch of the Basic Animation course for the 5th time! It is always a pleasure to wish the teachers, by creating something they all feel happy for…teaching!

This time the bar is raised a bit more for the course, and the quizzes are going to be tougher! However, we also have a number of participants who love the quizzes so much, that they have taken the course multiple times, just to check out the quizzes!

Here is a introductory video, for the course:

Credits: Prakash Jadiyar from eStudio helped in creating this video and Kaumudi Sahasrabudhe offered to be the model!

Course starts 5th September

skani fb2-01This year is unique for me, since I would be paying tribute to all my teachers by offering a course for the 5th time in a row. Basic 3D animation using Blender, has been offered 4 times already, and 12571 participants have enrolled in the past offerings. It is interesting to see that around 20% of the participants have completed the course.

We have received more than 5000 assignments, and my team of teaching assistants (who are spread over the globe now), have been relentlessly responding to those. Many a times they have guided the participants to the newer techniques of doing these animations. Participants have also reciprocated in enthusiastic manner, by posting numerous Blender models going out of the way at times!!!

An appeal to all the alumnus of the SKANI101x course:
Contact us to volunteer as a ‘Teaching Assistant’ for the course (Sep-Dec 2017).
We need you to devote 2-3 hours per week for this activity.
eMail your best creation in Blender and your score of SKANI101x to:

skani fb2-03

The Teaching Assistants will get a letter from Prof. Phatak (IITBombay), and a credit on the SKANI101x website. You will be involved in various tasks such as: Discussion Forum moderation, Creating Quiz Questions, Creating challenging assignments, and interacting with the participants.

We await your applications! Share the word!

Links for the Online session on 20th August

2017-08-24 16_29_00-Fwd_ Re_ request for video link of Dr. Sameer Sahasrabudhe - iamsameerss@gmail.cI conducted a session on Visual Presentation Skills as a part of the faculty Development Program on ICT. I was present in the Symbiosis Institute of Computer Research (SICR), Pune and this session was transmitted LIVE to ~120 remote centers (RCs) across the country and attended by ~6000 teachers. Many of them wanted to refer it (that’s what the administration team tells me!), and therefore, we have uploaded it on YouTube, so that it is accessible. I thought of sharing the links on my website, as many of you had also sent me requests for the video.

There are two links, the first one is a session on Visual Presentation skills, and the second one has an example of using a rubric for peer evaluation. Please have a look and post your comments. As mentioned earlier, the corresponding slides for these two videos can be seen on the Downloads page.

The first session shows an interesting experiment, where the remote centers interact with me using a chat option, and they are super active!!! Worth an applause for their active participation!