Identity | ओळख


Each of us has a unique identity. This is developed over years based on one’s persona, attitude, and skills. It also depends heavily on how others perceive these. You come across various examples of how people are identified. Sometimes, you agree and sometimes you may not! But, sometimes it can also surprise you, since you may not have thought of it at all. One such incident happened recently which pleasantly surprised me.

I was attending a recording session of the compositions created by my sister-in-law, Dr. Dhanashree Mulaokar. We had performers rendering them, accompanied by eminent players of tabla and harmonium. In due course of the discussion, it turns out that, the tabla player is a disciple of Pt. Bhai Gaitonde (Thane). I was thrilled to know this, since my Mama (Madhusudan Manohar), is also an ardent disciple of Panditji. Out of curiosity, I enquired, “By any chance, do you know Mr. Manohar? He is also a disciple of Panditji”. His answer gave me a perfect example, of what should be one’s identity. He said, “I surely know Manoharji. Isn’t he the one who is an expert in tuning the tabla to perfection? Do you know him too?”.

With a proud smile, I said, “He is my Mama”.


आपल्या प्रत्येकाची एक विशिष्ट ओळख असते. प्रत्येक मनुष्य त्याच्या सवयी, गुण/अवगुण, कला कौशल्य इत्यादी मुले ओळखला जातो. ह्यामध्ये इतर माणसे तुमच्या कडे कोणत्या नजरेने बघतात हे ही महत्वाचे असते. आपल्या अवतीभवती अनेक उदाहरणे दिसतात ज्यामध्ये काही वेळा तुम्हाला एखाद्या व्यक्तीची ओळख वेगळ्या प्रकारे झालेली असते. तर कधी कधी सर्वानुमते त्या व्यक्तीची जी ओळख असते, तीच ओळख तुम्हाला ही पटते! मला नुकताच एक अनुभव आला, ज्या मध्ये, मला परिचित व्यक्तीची समाजमनात नवी ओळख मला कळली.